Stories for a more-than-human world is a group exhibition with a series of talks and tours located at the historic Museum Kesselhaus within the Landschaftspark Herzberge.

The invited positions for the exhibition range from sculptures, drawings and video, to installations with electronics or living bio-matter. The main selection criteria was that the works emphasize a non-anthropocentric shift and critically or playfully investigate understandings of being human, being machine, being hybrid in a present where the impact of technology – be it on the environment or on our own bodies – is ubiquitous.

The theme of the event is a reaction to recent discussions between humanities and natural sciences about new approaches to thinking about, looking at, working with, and being inside nature. It draws references from fields of posthuman theory, new materialism, cybernetics and science and technology studies.

The increasing permeation of technology in nature has come to the point that nature seems to be inseparable, if not unimaginable, without technology. Ubiquitous examples thereof are online maps, the digitization of landscape and roads, or the engineering of natural beings such as plants and animals and their placement as products, but also the advancement of artificial intelligence in all areas of society. At the same time, most of these developments are made for humans or with human improvement in mind.

What would happen, if we manage to abandon these anthropocentric views and take on the perspective of other life forms? What reactions could such a shift of viewpoints trigger? Could humans and (conscious) machines co-exist? Can technology actually help to solve environmental issues?

more-than-human also wishes for a more humane human that acknowledges views of a pluralist and diverse universe. Being more humane by being less ego-human but more earth-bound.

This project is realized thanks to funding by the Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin-Lichtenberg.

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artists + speakers

Christian Faubel & Wolfgang Spahn

Benjamin Grosser

Bianca Kennedy & Felix Kraus

reiner maria matysik

Margherita Pevere

Alexandra R. Toland


Désirée Förster

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Thursday, 5. July, 18:00-22:00: Opening / Ausstellungseröffung
19:30 Opening Speech
20:00 “A Ritual for Floral, Cybernetic and Neuronal Intelligences”, Performance by ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS

Friday, 6. July, 15:00-22:00
14:00-20:00 exhibition 

Talks & Film Screening
17:00 Christian Faubel & Wolfgang Spahn
17:35 Discussion
18:00 Margherita Pevere
18:25 Reiner Matysik
18:50 Discussion
19:00 Keynote: Desiree Förster
19:30 Discussion
20:15 Screening “Life 3.0”, a film trilogy (“Hybrid”, “Life between walls” and “The Lives beneath”) by Bianca Kennedy and Felix Krause
21:05 Q&A with the artists
Moderation: Theresa Schubert

~21:30 Performance by ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS 

Samstag, 7.7.
12:00-19:00 exhibition
16:00 Curator’s tour through the exhibition

Sonntag, 8.7.
12:00-19:00 exhibition
18:00 Curator’s tour and Finissage

All events are free of charge!


*please RSVP for the guided walk on Saturday via the contact form, thanks.



here you can find a visual documentation:

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opening speach - with Theresa Schubert
 Impressions from the opening. All photos Laura Polanska.

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Désirée Förster - Keynote on hybrid media in arts photo by Theresa Schubert
Impressions from the talks, keynote and screening on Friday, July 6. All photos Theresa Schubert.

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Performance by ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS.