Bianca Kennedy & Felix Kraus

The Lives Beneath

Bianca Kennedy and Felix Kraus depict a world in the year 4000. Plants, animals and human beings form a worldwide super-network of consciousness. The few remaining non-hybrid humans have become obsolete for nature’s plans and are being forced to live underwater in floating shiplike cities. Humans try to convince nature that they are still valuable, using songs, meditation and yoga. The Lives Beneath examines the downfall of a society that refuses to live with nature in harmony.

On Friday evening there will be a special screening of  their trilogy “Life 3.0”. The exhibited film “The Lives Beneath” is the third part in this trilogy:

After evolution has never come to a standstill, new hybrids are now living next to humans: mixed creatures of plants, animals and humans. In their trilogy, media artists Bianca Kennedy and Felix Kraus examine a future world in which technology no longer plays a role.

Bianca Kennedy and Felix Kraus are both artists working in Berlin and Munich. When collaborating they are interested in the intelligence of plant life. They are asking questions about human role in a destructive environment and phantasize about natural utopias.